Examples of upholstered furniture can be found in pretty much every household. Upholstered furniture is a good alternative to leather and many people appreciate its advantages. However, upholsteries are usually made of delicate and demanding fabrics and material finishes which are quite susceptible to soiling and staining, they need a deep cleaning for best results and quality. On top of that, upholsteries do not tolerate conventional or aggressive cleaning treatments. We know that many people would be tempted to stick their upholsteries in the washing machine and give them a good spin, but before doing so, please consider the risk of damage and the cost of purchasing new upholsteries.

Our professional upholstery cleaning in Camden is the safe and efficient way to clean any type and size upholstery to a perfect finish without risking its good looks and comfort properties.
Upholstery Cleaning CamdenSince we use industry certified cleaning systems there will be no risk of accidental damage, or alteration like shrinking, fading, loosening, discolouration along stitch lines and other such. The fact that we use professional grade steam cleaning equipment i.e. the natural cleaning power of steam, means the upholstery fabric will not be subjected to harsh chemicals or other aggressive cleaning agents which means the material will look better for longer. Using professional steam cleaning equipment as opposed to conventional cleaning chemicals will also prolong the life of upholsteries as colour fastness and dimensions will be retained for longer – we are saving people money in the long run.

Our specialised upholstery cleaners Camden are also convenient and highly efficient. First of all, the entire cleaning process takes place onsite – there will be no need to take the fabrics to another location, or wait around to have them delivered back. This makes everything quick, manageable and efficient. To make life even easier for customers – upholsteries will not even have to be removed from furniture – fabrics will be cleaned as they are. Our cleaning technicians will arrive fully equipped and with all the necessary cleaning equipment and materials. Our equipment allows us to clean effectively any size upholstery. Only in certain cases where specific stains or soiling is in hard to reach nooks and crannies of furniture, we might have to remove the upholstery in order to pre-treat the stain and ensure complete removal.

The need to keep upholsteries clean and fresh is quite evident. Besides the fact that upholstered furniture is exposed to the same amount of dust, dirt and bacteria as any other piece of fabric inside the house, upholsteries are also in daily contact with the human body. Issues like hairs, body oils, body odours etc. along with things like cigarette smoke and pungent kitchen smells will leave the upholsteries in need of some specialised cleaning. Regular professional cleaning will also improve indoor air quality and that fresh home feeling for longer.

Our Camden upholstery cleaning is well-priced and gives customers genuine value for money. The Camden upholstery cleaning service we offer is available as standalone or in combination with other cleaning options we have in store. Bookings are available seven days a week.